One more thing.

If you have a problem with the media “over-hyping” American Idol and Jessica Sanchez, then I suggest you not watch the primetime news programs for a while. That’s the reason why the late Eugene Polly invented the freakin’ TV remote control, OK?

Jesus Christ. I am just sick and tired of people saying that the media are over-covering this or sensationalizing that. Well, I’ll be damned if TV Patrol or 24 Oras won’t cover the dire situation at the Scarborough Shoal, or the progress of the Corona Impeachment Trial, or the tertiary education program the government launched literally the same time the winner of American Idol was announced. (Bet you didn’t know that, did ya? Well, you better listen to some public radio, my friend.)

The worst part is, many of the people who are saying these are those who should know better, like future media practitioners. If you’ve been listening to your News Writing and Newsroom Management classes, there is a right way and a wrong way of prioritizing and determining which story is more newsworthy than others. And so far, they’re getting it right, in general terms. (Except perhaps if you’re watching Balitaang Tapat or IbaBalita Ngayon. Those two newscasts are just fucked up, with their focus on crime stories and all.)

P.S. I am very much willing to have a debate with anyone who thinks that we should abolish Filipino pride and focus more on whether or not someone has talent. Why? Didn’t Jessica had talent? Exactly.

  1. mikkieugenio said: All news programs of TV5 suck - except PNews. Crime makes up 2/3 of the airtime!
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